We assume the responsibilities related to maintaining trade books, settling Lump-Sum Records, drafting and submitting statements. Small and large companies may rely on our comprehensive bookkeeping services.


With us you will no longer need an HR and payroll department, as our comprehensive services ensure full compliance with the labor law and Social Security Institution regulations. We ensure the confidentiality of personal data and minimize the risk associated with errors made while maintaining HR documentation.


We provide analysis, verification and advisory services – we propose solutions generating maximum savings while maintaining or increasing current profits.


Our offer includes off-the-shelf solutions designed to achieve your business goals, striving to achieve the lowest possible tax burden. We assist in taking the best decisions to build financial stability for the company


International tax planning allows to carry out business activities with minimal costs and without tax burden. It entails a wide range of options and tools enabling us to achieve the highest mark-up possible in specific market conditions.


We offer help and support of lawyers and attorneys-at-law specializing in criminal fiscal law. We provide comprehensive legal services, from pre-trial proceedings to criminal court proceedings. We support entrepreneurs and all those who may face criminal fiscal liability.


We bring your dreams of your own business to life, offering assistance with the necessary formalities, drafting documents and choosing a source of financing. You can also rely on our advice throughout the process.


Marshal Lion is a modern and professional accounting firm, focused on providing help, support and advisory services in the field of tax law, bookkeeping, human resources and payroll matters. Our goal is to provide business and individual customers with comfort and financial security. We are proud that we can contribute to entrepreneurs’ successes and the growth of their companies.

We are at your disposal from the moment your company is founded, we support you in seeking and selecting the best offers and sources of funding for your current operations, we provide you with bookkeeping and human resources services and help you execute planned investments. Comprehensive and current knowledge, experience, well-established position on the market and the trust of our clients – all of this allows us to provide top-level bookkeeping services at a reasonable price.

Benefits of cooperation
with marshal lion accounting company


You will be assigned a personal consultant, who will be happy to help you with any doubts. They will provide you will bookkeeping and payroll services and ensure the safety of your finances.


We focus on critical areas of your company to generate the highest profits possible and reduce the losses. Experience, knowledge and qualifications of our team allow them to provide you with comprehensive services, including tax audit, advisory and day-to-day bookkeeping and accounting services.


We minimize the risk of losses and high costs of conducting business activities. Due to the efficient control of tax obligations and monitoring of changes in laws, we can ensure your peace of mind and comfort in running your business in accordance with applicable legal regulations.


    We provide comprehensive financial services to our business clients – we advise on bookkeeping and accounting, take the strain of maintaining trade books off the entrepreneur’s mind, draft financial statements, prepare accounting records and perform all other activities related to finance, taxes and accounting in your company.
    Our shared vision is to ensure the maximum financial security for your company.
    We also support companies already established on the market and individuals planning to start their own business in selecting the best source of funding.


Efficient maintenance of employee files, complex recruitment procedures, remuneration calculation… these are some of the examples of the tasks performed by our specialized HR and payroll department. Whether you have a small or a large company, these are the tasks you must complete. Entrusting us with them will save you time and money and give you a sense of security, allowing you to focus on other tasks.
We will not have to worry anymore about doing tedious work, such as recruitment of new employees, calculation of contributions and taxes and settlement of non-wage compensation. We provide comprehensive HR and payroll services or a service package of your choice, while ensuring your confidentiality and the security of your data, the support of experts and attractive terms of cooperation.
We will take the maintenance of employees’ files off your hands and reduce your administrative burden. We follow the best market practices, have trust in our specialist knowledge and keep up with changes in laws.

Human Resources services:

  • maintenance of HR documentation, monitoring the expiry of agreements and the validity of periodical inspections,
  • day-to-day accounting for and recording employees’ absences,
  • day-to-day recording and introducing changes for the social security purposes,
  • drafting HR listings,
  • maintaining holiday records,
  • drafting certificates of employment,
  • management of monthly declarations to National Disabled Persons Rehabilitations Fund (PFRON).

Payroll services:

  • issuing payrolls and other salary documents,
  • completing salary transfers to employees’ bank accounts,
  • settling all types of agreements, including contracts for specific work, contracts of mandate and agreements with supervisory boards,
  • drafting monthly ZUS DRA declarations with ZUS RCA, ZUS RSA, ZUS RZA reports and PIT-4 tax return forms,
  • drafting payroll reports,
  • completing bank transfers to Tax office and Social Security Institution.

If you are interested in services not mentioned above, do not hesitate to contact our expert – they will be happy to respond to your questions.

    We perform tax audits, looking for areas where you could generate more savings, and achieve maximum profits for our clients. Our knowledge and experience allow us to indicate areas with heightened tax risk and recommend optimization solutions. We are committed to achieving the maximum fiscal effectiveness in your company.
    The uncertainty about the correct interpretation of legal and tax regulations, the multitude of laws and new legal acts that keep being adopted – all this gives rise to crisis situations in every business area, creating risk to your company’s operations.

    We ensure the all processes go smoothly, affording our clients a peace of mind.


    Marshal Lion offers professional tax advisory services, implementing effective legal tools and proposing other solutions adjusted to the actual status of the company, its capabilities and needs. We provide advice and consultation both as part of a one-time service and a permanent cooperation with entrepreneurs. We provide advisory services in such fields as international tax law, tax liabilities, non-tax accounting, customs law obligations, the use of state aid, maintenance of fiscal books and other records and the use of EU funds.

    We also conduct tax planning activities, providing our clients with comprehensive support with day-to-day running of a company.

    We also perform tax audits in our clients’ companies, including the verification of company’s compliance with tax laws.


    We help our clients when they are wrongly held criminally responsible as a result of tax office’s mistake. We prevent long court proceedings and strive to prove the innocence of our client.
    Our services include crisis management, client representation in VAT refund procedures, appealing against the decisions of tax authorities and legal protection.


    We optimize taxes on a variety of levels. We can also offer you the opening of a remote office in prestige location in a country with favorable tax system. We prepare a fully functional corporate structure for offshore companies. The structure allows entrepreneurs to manage it from Poland and avoid additional costs. Our goal is to facilitate the development and management of the company for our clients.

We know the importance of details, which is why we devote a lot of attention to looking for favorable solutions to reduce the tax, while maintaining or increasing profits earned by our Clients’ companies. We propose changes based on the company analysis results, implement cost optimization process and manage trade books.
Our shared vision is to execute the business plan while reducing the tax burden, being compliant with legal regulations, preserving full transparency and efficient communication with a Client.

International tax planning allows to carry out business activities with minimal costs and without tax burden. It entails a wide range of options and tools enabling us to achieve the highest mark-up possible in specific market conditions. Why is it so important? Because of the conflict of interest between the state and the entrepreneur. The main source of income for the state is taxes, and for the entrepreneur – mark-up from their business activities.
Owing to our multiannual experience in business management we can provide our clients with the best solutions, allowing them to achieve several key goals simultaneously.

    International tax planning allows for achieving goals that are crucial for the stable position on the market for both budding and experienced entrepreneurs. Due to undertaking strategic activities, we minimize tax burden and guarantee safety and legal stability. We help our clients with changing their tax residence, optimize operational and capital costs and provide private banking services abroad. We strive to obtain tax deductions and exemptions, including the tax on distributed profits and corporate tax.
    This process comprises several stages and elements. A very important element of international tax planning in the change of tax residence. We also offer comprehensive international business structure services, taking over all tasks related to operational and planning activities. We also propose other solutions, such as holding structures and private foundations.

Feel free to contact us! We will be happy to share with you our plan for your company.

The fundamental and critical task of criminal and tax law is the protection of the state fiscal system against any frauds. It was created to ensure smooth and uninterrupted cash-flow to the Treasury Budget.
We offer help and support of lawyers and attorneys-at-law specializing in criminal and tax law. Even though such proceedings are especially difficult, as they combine tax and criminal aspects, our comprehensive and current knowledge and experience allows us to provide our Clients with top-level support, while maintaining high effectiveness.

    We will represent you in all matters related to criminal and tax proceedings. We deal with matters related to tax offenses and misdemeanors concerning tax and customs obligations, as well as rules concerning foreign trade in goods and services. Our services include representing the accused in court, drafting appeals and extraordinary appellate measures, as well as legal memoranda. We also provide reliable legal advice.
    Every project is our top priority, as we are aware how much of a financial and emotional burden is placed on an entrepreneur by court proceedings. We provide comprehensive legal services, from pre-trial proceedings to criminal court proceedings. We support entrepreneurs and all those
    who may face criminal and tax liability.

Having one’s own company is often the result of many year of career planning being brought to life to gain satisfaction, happiness and fulfillment. We help those who are trying to make a career shift and start their own business by providing them with business consulting services so that they can successfully obtain their own source of income without having to learn from their mistakes.
Our advisory and business support services include help with obtaining loans and financial grants, legal and tax advisory services, valuable professional guidance on company costs optimization and the plan for building a positive brand image in the business environment.

Help, support and advisory services:

  • help with selecting a form of taxation,
  • registration at City Hall, Social Security Institution, tax office,
  • advisory services relating to funding sources,
  • drafting documentation required to obtain EU funding,
  • preparing cost policy and a business plan,
  • opening the accounting books,
  • training within the scope of hard and soft skills,
  • consultations and expert support with financial and legal matters.

We understand the importance of business partnerships and long-term trust building, which is why we are involved in further stages of our Clients’ business operations. We support them with financing development, advise them with selecting an appropriate loan and provide them with comprehensive bookkeeping services.

    Offshores are tax havens – currently, there are approx. 60 of them around the world. They are jurisdictions allowing you to optimize your taxes. In some cases, registering the company in such jurisdictions makes an entrepreneur exempt from taxes, relive them from the responsibility to file annual tax returns and do bookkeeping. Our support in conducting business activities outside of the Republic of Poland include incorporation of a company in countries with favorable tax systems, such as Seychelles, The Bahamas, Barbados, Marshall Islands and Panama. Registering a company outside of the Republic of Poland does not require an entrepreneur to be physically present in this country. An offshore company is easy to manage and does not require an entrepreneur to have contact with local public authorities or to maintain a physical office abroad.





Initiator and founder of Marshal Lion. Many years of experience, coupled with both theoretical and practical knowledge, allow him to advise clients every day on how to manage their enterprises effectively and finance new investments. Bartłomiej is a certified accountant, sharing his knowledge with clients on a daily basis. He provides comprehensive advice for both entrepreneurs and individual customers. Apart from day-to-day support in many fields of business, he teaches team management, sales, professional customer service, as well as legal and accounting topics. This is the person to rely on with questions on how to set up your own business, optimize costs and generate profits in a short period of time. Bartłomiej’s team assisted in obtaining more than 3000 loans and establishing over 1000 companies, enjoying the trust of over 10,000 clients. Bartłomiej Wasilewski supports those, who are taking their first steps in the world of business. He also founded the Tributum Cura foundation. The mission of the foundation is to support entrepreneurs in obtaining funding for their startups and exchange experiences concerning company management.

Greatest professional success
Business successes of Marshal Lion’s clients.

Strategic management, strategic development of enterprises, financing, team management, sales.

Hobbies outside the financial industry
Martial arts, music, movies.





He began his professional career at Polskie Sieci Energetyczne ELECTRA S.A. as a specialist at the accounting and financial management office where he was responsible for current handling of financial documents at the company. He acquired experience working at the banking services service and sales department. Initially, he worked with various banks in positions where his duties included acquiring and supporting individual and later institutional clients. He actively cooperates with many of his clients to this day.

Greatest professional success
Advisory services and cooperation with the most recognizable brands in the FMCG industry in Poland.

Corporate finance, receivables management, sales and HR management.

Hobbies outside the financial industry
Travel, movies, leisure activities.




She came to know the world of finance in 2010, working as a bank product sales specialist. She was an individual account manager. Since January 2017, she has been responsible for the proper functioning of the management board’s office and administration.

Greatest professional success
Winner of awards for her distinctive effectiveness. Training completed: “Professional Office Manager” “Essentials of Project Management” and “Efficient Management Board Assistant”. She believes that systematic work allows people to achieve every goal.

Planning, organizing and controlling administrative processes at the company, drafting and implementing administrative procedures, managing contacts with external vendors, organizing business meetings, organizing company events, ensuring proper flow of information and document circulation.

Hobbies outside the financial industry
Movies, music, sport, travel.




An accountant with many years of experience in the field of outsourcing of small and medium enterprise accounting services. She is responsible for ensuring correct maintenance of accounting books and high quality of services provided by her team of accountants.

Greatest professional success
Inclusion of the entities acquired by the group into the organizational structure and forming an accounting team that ensures smooth service.

Small and medium commercial companies accounting.

Hobbies outside the financial industry
Mountaineering, literature, chocolate.

CONTACT, +48 517 824 304




Graduated from the Ukrainian Academy of Printing in Lviv in Enterprise Economics. Vast experience in human resources and payroll. Continuous education in the field of human resources and payroll proves that fortune favors the bold. Her greatest strengths are expertise, creativity and communication skills.

Greatest professional success
Acquiring the European Federation of Financial Professionals certificate.

Comprehensive human resources and payroll management.

Hobbies outside the financial industry
Travel, personal development books, dance.

CONTACT, +48 517 824 510




She has over 7 years of experience in accounting. She worked in well-known accounting offices. Her long-term collaboration with experienced and licensed accountants allowed her to obtain a deep understanding of accounting. Continuous improvement of knowledge and skills are her priorities, along with building long-term and amicable relationships with clients.

Greatest professional success
Acquiring 2nd degree certification – for candidates for accounting specialist (independent accountant) and managing a small team, coordinating accounting processes.

Bookkeeping in small and large companies. Building long-term collaboration with companies. Seeking correct and reliable accounting and bookkeeping solutions.

Hobbies outside the financial industry
Tourism, photography and sport.





An ambitious accountant. Lifelong learning enthusiast. She supports the Accounting Department with administrative tasks and day-to-day customer service. She is motivated to extend her knowledge to be able to meet the expectations of Marshal Lion’s clients.

Greatest professional success
Acquiring the certificate of an independent accountant and HR and payroll specialist.

Maintaining revenues and expenses ledgers of small and middle-sized companies. Collaboration with authorities. Building positive customer relationships.

Hobbies outside the financial industry
Literature (detective stories), gardening, stand-up comedy.

CONTACT, +48 512 249 897




She has extensive experience in accounting. Due to her collaboration with experienced and licensed accountants, she is rapidly and continuously extending her understanding of SME accounting.

Greatest professional success
Acquiring accounting certification from the Accountants Association in Poland. Client’s recommendations and trust.

Maintaining revenues and expenses ledgers of small and middle-sized companies. Building long-term collaboration. Maintaining partnership-based relations with entrepreneurs.

Hobbies outside the financial industry
Music, literature (detective stories and thrillers), travel.

CONTACT, +48 798 595 720




Independent accountant with several years of experience, with a keen focus on providing accounting services to commercial companies; excels in her individual approach to clients and through her determination to upgrade her skills.

Greatest professional success
Collaboration with numerous commercial companies with a significant presence in the market and acquiring the independent accountant certification.

Balance sheet and tax accounting services with management accounting elements.

Hobbies outside the financial industry
Literature (detective stories) and travel.

All Team


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